Finally, Peace in Our Time

Looks like we have a winner in the Distro Wars, at least for the moment. I downloaded and burned Fedora Core 2. This is the community release of Red Hat Linux. Before I was turned on to Mandrake, I was a big fan of Red Hat.

But, oddly, my install disks for Mandrake were full of errors and last nights installation was crap. Nothing worked in the GUI, all sorts of errors. I tried to repair the installation, but ran into more snafus. I guess the disks were corrupt, they had been sitting around a while and survived a move. So my choices were to either download and burn Mandrake again or try something else.

I was impressed with the selection of Fedora. Four CD's, plus a Rescue CD, for a total of five. The installation was rather slow, but very thorough. It installed almost everything I would want or need by default. Well, except for Midnight Commander (mc) but I added that later.

Once the install was done, there was one snag. The installation did not detect my wireless card. In fact, it did not detect any PCMCIA card that I plugged in.

Frustrated, I turned to Google for a fix. Seems this was not an uncommon problem with Fedora Core 2. I did a couple of fixes suggested by others that had similar problems, and after some trial and error, it's all up and running.

Of course the first thing I installed was apt-get and Synaptic for package management. Not as robust as Debian, but it'll do just fine. I next installed Firefox and uninstalled some superfluous packages.

Next, and likely an overnight Jasminlive project, is a distribution upgrade from apt-get and I should be good to go.

One thing I will say is I loathe the new Nautilus in Gnome 2.6, no toolbar on the browser window and everything opens in a new window. I shuddered when I saw it, it reminded me so much of Windows NT. At least in NT you can change that behavior, so far I have not been able to change the defaults in Nautilus. So I am using KDE until I can read up on the new Gnome. But I am so far very underwhelmed. And they are soon to release Gnome 2.8, so maybe they fixed that crap in the new release. We shall see.

I do plan to install a minimalist window manager to play with, likely OpenBox again. There is something to be said for keeping it simple.

Anyway, back to hacking. More blogging later.

Debian a bust

Well, I had a little trouble installing Debian. Everything seemed to install just fine, but I could not get the video settings set correctly for my video card. It did not auto-detect.

I banged on the settings, changed the X86config file, to no avail. I guess without a spiffy auto-detect script and GUI, I am just useless.

So I placed the Knoppix CD-ROM in the drive and ran the hard drive install script, then ran apt-get to upgrade the latest Live jasmin packages. It's pretty nice, I guess. It's Debian. It works just fine. It is different than Mandrake, to be sure. But I got used to it pretty quickly.

I will continue to bang on this and mold it to suit my (limited) needs. I guess as long as I can browse happy with Firefox, IM, and blog regularly, this install will suit me just fine. I don't do much more than that.

And now, an update

Things have been pretty wild around here. My children, Madison, Jaxon, and Kennedy, have been around a lot lately. They’ve been staying with me while we got things situated for them. They are now in a shelter, along with their mother, and we’re trying to get them squared away in school and get them permanent housing.

It’s not so much trouble for myself to be homeless. I have friends I’m staying with. It isn’t great, but its livable for a bachelor. But when you had 3 boys and an ex, 1 little room just ain’t enough space.

My hearing is still scheduled for June 18th. I also have Healthcare now through the Pinellas County Health Department. It’s not great, but usable. I may even get my cataracts taken care of.

Blogging and chaturbate roomsjust hasn’t seemed to be a priority. I have kept most of this off of Facebook. It’s really no one’s business. However, I do like to keep notes. And that’s what a blog is good for. Someday, I’ll look back on all this and laugh. Or maybe cry.

Chinese man cannot name son '@'

A man in central China has been refused permission to name his son "@" because it cannot be translated into Mandarin - as the law demands.

If I remember correctly, in the 60's, there was a thread in the "Peanuts" strip where a new kid moved into Charlie Brown's neighborhood and the kid's name was "5". Seems his parents were fed up with being treated as a number and not a person, so the whole Livesexchat family changed their name to numbers.

Did I dream that whole sequence? Googling...

Ah, thanks, Wikipedia!

One of his most prescient sequences came in 1963 when he added a little boy named "5" to the cast, whose sisters were named "3" and "4," and whose father had changed the family surname to their ZIP code to protest the way numbers were taking over people's identities.

Damn, I have a memory. I remember buying a stack of "Peanuts" paperbacks as a kid at Haslam's Bookstore in St. Petersburg. Those strips were old, but I read every one of those books, well over a dozen.

Damn, they have a website? I have never seen a computer in that joint! Heh, welcome to the 21st Century.


Well, just when I thought it was safe to delete my old blog files, something screwy happens. Now I am getting a 403 when calling my blog and I have lost linkage to image files in the directories in the old site.

So it may look a little screwy for a few hours until I get it right. I am restoring the files from an older backup to get things back to some form of normal.

I guess I'll leave the old site in place, then, it isn't taking up that much room. We'll see if it survives, right?

Another example of Dave's LSA Principle in action. (Leave Shit Alone)

OK, got an email back from Surpass Support. The tech said it was a permissions issue on the server. I had something set wrong. Usually, I am smarter than the average bear when it comes to stuff like that, so I am trying to get him to tell me specifically what the settings need to be. But, it is all working again.