Webring update

I have pulled a few sites from the Tampa Bay Blogs webring. They did not have the proper code and it was causing a “break” in the ring. The idea is to head to each site, look around, and hit “next” and go to the next site in the ring. Without the proper code visable to the reader, they run into a dead end.

Not too bad. Out of 39 sites, only 8 were not in compliance. And since I emailed them last night, three are back in the ring. Either they fixed it, or I rechecked them and they were fine and I screwed something up on my end.

Of the missing five, one blogger has moved out of the area completely. He may want to just drop out. One blogger closed her old blog and started a new one and never added herself to the ring, but her old domain points to her new blog. Two don’t have code on the site at all. And one is coming up “not found” on Blogger. Probably a dead blog.

I want to try to expand the ring as we get closer to the Tampa Bay Blogfest. I hope to get more new members. Plus there is one former member (Eric) I woulld like to see come back into the fold.

TESOL certification

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