Another Storm

Hurricane Frances is upon us. They have canceled my work for Friday and schools and stuff are going to be closed. The storm is friggen huge, they say the size of Texas, and will skirt our area with tropical storm force winds and they are predicting 8 to 10 inches of rain.

At least we aren’t a potential direct target, so the storm surge will not be a factor, this thing will be coming from the east. overland, so I will not have to evacuate for this one. Where I am staying is in a mandatory evacuation zone. But there has been no order to leave.

As usual, I will be blogging as long as I have a pipe to the Internet. If the cable goes out, I will be offline. I won’t be “blogging the storm” or any dumb shit like that. There are other bloggers in the Bay area that will give you a play by play. Google them for Hurricane Charley, I am sure they will be ever as vigilant with Frances.


It was a great time. I was unable to spend a large amount of time at this year's Necronomicon, but I was there Friday night for the Ygor/Igor party, and sat in on a filk panel and poked around the gaming rooms. There was much celebration and socializing going on, as there usually is at science fiction conventions.

I did get to come after work Saturday. I guess I did not miss much, as the bulk of our group did not arrive until Saturday afternoon anyway. We commandeered a table in the lobby and had dinner and soft drinks while watching the freaks go by.

I bought a photo ID badge that says I work at Initech. Those who remember the now-cult classic movie Office Space will understand the reference.

The group from the USS Alliance once again took first prize in the Masquerade with their fabulous Marvel Comics costumes. This year, it was The Avengers.

We did hit a couple of room parties, and I did have a few drinks. We even took the opportunity in the lobby to burst into song a few times, so it's all good. Thanks to Matty, Deron, Darrell, and even Roger and a couple strangers came over to help on "Duke of Earl" and "Goodnight Sweetheart." Ah, yes, a capella in the lobby. Gotta love it.

It sort of surprised me that DyAnn let me go untethered to this convention. But, it was pointed out to me that it was, indeed, a controlled release into the wild, as I was tagged before leaving... with a cell phone.

Yes, Dear...

Just kidding, my love... you know I love you. Thanks for letting me go, baby, I had a blast.