More Drama

Well, it appears that the current tenant at Darrell and Jeani’s will not be moving. She claims she has not been late on her rent and that the landlord has no loegal grounds to evict her. Yes, she said that she was leaving August 31. But she has not secured another apartment. So she feels she is within her rights to pay for another month and stick around.

I’m not getting involved with this. It puts me in a bind because DyAnn and I were ready to move. I am already displaced, and staying with Darrell and Jeani on their couch. I can do that indefinitely, but DyAnn wants out of her parents’ place in a bad way. She wants to look elsewhere if things don’t straighten up in our favor over here.

So I wait. Again. As usual, I have no control over anything, just a fucking freefall. Lovely, ain’t it?

Clarity in Writing

I posted a new essay, which is here. It's also linked from the right side of the home page under My Writing, Etc. This was a really different writing experience for me because of the subject matter (arguing), something I usually avoid thinking about. If you have time, please let me know what you think.

Yesterday I spent most of the day working on this essay and on one about bicycling that I started a long time ago. I edited that one and submitted it to Small Spiral Notebook. I thought it would be nice to be published by an independent literary site if I can. If they don't take it, I'll publish it here. Small Spiral Notebook takes the approach to unsolicited manuscripts that small print magazines take, which is that they don't pay and they take a really long time (up to 12 weeks) to let you know whether they are going to use your piece. Oh, well.

Today he went out to play volleyball with his coworkers and I felt lazy enough to stay home. Now I'm going to go outside and worry about my "bird's nest spruce," a new shrub that is turning brown. Based on my experience with azaleas and heathers back there (they died), I think it needs more acidic soil. From what I read it sounds like the best way to lower the pH of soil is to lift the plant, amend the soil with something acidic, and replant. I'll go out and get some manure and peat moss, or ferrous sulfate, and lift the plant tonight when the sun isn't beating on it.